Happy Birthday Syamelia Sayang...

Happy Birthday, May Allah Bless You,
Semoga Panjang Umur & Murah Rezeki, Amin...

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Today is your birthday,
So its the perfect time to say you are always thought
of in every special way,
Your Birthday is a special day,
A time to have new hopes and dreams,

And now I'd like to take the time to say,
You are very special in every way,
so I wish you a very special..

Pasangan Romantis Rafflesia @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Im really sorry for the late post. Have been busy this a few days. Mane yg sempat jer lah. with internet problem.. really rimas..eerrgghhhh.. Actually, Lyn know abt this event 2 weeks before the date thru Chat Box. So Im really2 excited to go... yeehaaaa...

An event called "Pasangan Romantis Rafflesia" tajaan Rafflesia The Pearl Centre n Suria FM. So event ni nak mencari Pasangan Romantis especially for Suria FM listener. OMG beb.. mcm mane i terlepas news ni. Klu i tau... sure i suh Emily @ Mak Lampu join this competition. Boleh kan Abg Sham?? Oppssss.. Larikkkkkk..hehehe.. Dafi n Diana Danialle as a jury for this competition. Very cute both of them.. Speechless....

Ok.. enjoy guyz with our journey. Memang havoc n tak hingat dunia. So these are several pics that we took... Have fun...

At Kelana Jaya LRT station...

Tun Raydrevil, Adam 'Timberlake' (gelaran baru), Yaty Beckham (si penjual kerepek) n Megat Kg Nekmat (adik kesayangan @ adik angkat @ Anak angkat bondaku...)

Warga tua, Wanita Hamil n Orang Kurang Upaya.. sila beri keutamaan pada mereka2 ini.. hahahaha. really sad kena gelak ngan TUN n rakan2....huhuhuh..

Kaki sape kah ini?? macam2 style...

In Monorail.. Bahagia giler dpt duduk.

OMG gurls... very stylish.. I like this pic..

Myself n Si penjual kerepek.. oppsss Yaty... ampun...

Myself n Azim. Lama gils tak jumpa adik Lyn ni. Sempat singgah n meet us at Low Yat Plaza wlupun kena keje ari tuh. Kononnya mengata Lyn yg kekwat. Die pun same. Azim.. next time klu nak g menoreh jgn lupa kt kakak mu ni ok.. haruslah ajak kan.. hehehehe..

From Low Yat Plaza to Sg Wang.. tetaplah nak bergambar kan... Lyn kt belakang tu hampir nak terjatuh.. hehehehe..

So sweet the backdrop kan..

Cantekker Gurls.. in front of the stage. Naddy.. where r u dear??

Rombongan Cik Maimunah (neighbours Tun, kakak angkat mak lampu) if front of the stage. Puasnya hati dpt berdiri kt depan stage...

Zhana n ZZ, d host.. Suria FM.. Hidup Pasti RancaK!!

So sweet both of them. dressed in white n red.
Ape lah yg di gelakkan oleh Diana n Dafi tuh..

The winning couple. So sweet tau this couple n very touching bila that guyz sang "Lelaki Ini". She cried ok. Dah lah dpt hadiah RM 33,000 from the Rafflesia. Best giler... Baju die penuh ngn labuci n manik2.. bising..

1st Runner Up. Very sweet n romantic couple. That guyz looked very familiar lah..

Dafi singing "Bila Terasa Rindu". Penuh perasaan..

My heart.. new version by Dafi n Diana.. so kelakar..

waiting for Dafi..

Blurr lah this pic :( me n Diana Danialle. Very beautiful, soft spoken n tak sombong. Really sweetlah this girl.

Rizal (Jelatang). handsome kan??

My Idol :)

Group Pic : Yaty, Me, Dibby, Emily, Dafi, Nad, Saffy, Nad's Friend.. lupa lah name die, Myra n Loly..

Group pic: Fadly, Akym, Dafi, Tun, Capeq, Fit, Jamal, Adam n Bash

waiting monorail from BB - KL Sentral. So tired!!!

Wajah2 kepenatan dalam LRT.. KL Sentral - Kelana Jaya

Last pic before balik at LRT Kelana Jaya...


What is chocolate?
Chocolate can be classified as real or compound chocolate.
Real chocolate should contain not more than 5% vegetable fats. Whereas, chocolate use in coating for making biscuit, confectionery or other chocolate products must contain not less than 12% cocoa liquor.
Other cocoa products or chocolate that doesn’t meet this criteria is know as compound chocolate.

What is the different types of chocolate in the market ?
The main attraction of chocolate is that it offers a form of self-indulgence. The sweet, attractive taste and the consistency and appearance are very pleasing. There are many different products within the term of chocolate and chocolate confectionery, not just chocolate bar. However, when we talk about the types of chocolate, it refers to three types of chocolate namely: milk chocolate, white chocolate and plain chocolate.
There is no doubt that cocoa and chocolate are popular food, beverage and snack items for both children and adults alike. However, people in general regard chocolate as ‘junk food’ or empty calories, pleasurable but lacking in nutrients. The truth is rather different from this view. In fact, chocolate is highly nutritious foods, do have nutritional value and can contribute to the overall diet in a positive fashion. A good example is the nutrient content of chocolate milk as compared to white milk.

When do we buy chocolate?
There is no right or wrong day to buy chocolate. You can buy chocolate just as a pleasure of eating it or as a gift during a special occasion. You can always buy chocolate as a gift to the love ones on special occasion such as Christmas Day, Valentine Day etc. There is great pleasure in receiving a box of chocolate from a love one especially during Valentine Day.

As chocolate is such a rich source of energy and in a convenient and compact form, people tend to buy it as a ration on many expeditions such as mountain climbing, etc. It is an obvious choice of food for hikes.

yummy... yummy....

Picnic @ Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Last week on 16 Feb 2008, we had picnic especially for Cantekker Gurls. OMG beb.. really fun and enjoy during the picnic. The 'photo obsession' habit! hehehehe.. So these are several pics that we took on that day.. Enjoy guyz...

My happy family.. luv u oll.. muuaaahhhh :)

Everyone brought their own foods. We had mee goreng, sandwich, donuts by JCO, nuggets, fries, choc, junk food, kuih n lots more.. yummy..yummyy..

Sunny day..

larikkk.... Mak Lampu dah menjerit.... :)






Cantekker gurls.. gossip partner.. hehehehe