My Day....

Hi Lovers,

Today is my birthday and I'm turning 3* this year. Now I'm not one to have a big party, usually I just have a small get-together with my family. In Sha Allah...

I don’t mind if close people forgot my birthday. Its small matter dude. What more can I say other than Alhamdulillah & thank you Allah for another year of life that you gave to me. Thank you for my family who never fails to show some love and care to me.

As for my birthday wishes for this year, nothing actually,  but safety, happiness & good health for myself and all my loved ones. To my family, I just want them to know… that I love them and I pray to Allah to shower them with His blessings, everyday. May Allah gather us, and also the siblings as a family in Jannah. In Sha Allah.

Last but not least… thank you so much for all the birthday wishes I've received via text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, phone calls, face to face wishes etc.

Thank you for another year 2016!!! :D


Mummydearie said...

Happy belated birthday, Lyn. Bila dah menginjak terlebih dewasa ni, umur sekadar angka yang tak bermakna aje. Tapi hati tetaplah mahu muda. Hahaha!

Sorrylah, akak ni part birthday aje selalu jadi orang yang dekat-dekat akhir mengucapkannya. Kebetulan pulak masa ni selalu tak ke 'udara', kalau tidak dah lama ucapkan ^_^

Lyn Yusoff said...

thanks so much kak for the wishes. Muda ke tua ker malas da nak pikir.. age just a number kan.. so biarlah situ..

tak kisah cepat or lambat kak... ingat pun dah ok