Bila Panassss….

Lately ni kan sgt panas, mlm tidur pun berbahang. Pasang kipas or aircond pun agak tak terasa. Sometimes enjoyed a hot afternoon at home getting some ice-cream is so cool.

IMG02650-20120823-1636I’m having a great time with crunch ice –cream by Nestle. At home alone. Ape yg ada dlm fridge tuh mmg Lyn makan. Sebatang cukup lah. Yg lain tinggalkan orang belakang. Hehehe. Yummmmyyyyy *slurppppppppppp*


Tidak cukup dgn itu…

A few hours later…. while watching Astro..

I got this one!!!!

IMG01413-20110604-0018Cookies & cream by Walls. Hehehee. A full bowl of ice-cream. Ttp tinggalkan orang belakang. Hehehe.

Feel good after eating it as I'm having sore throat that time. Tapi gatai gak nak makan ice-cream gak. Buat ubat lah. Ape salahnya kan. Hehhee

Ermm.. rasa cam nak layan BR plak pasni ^____^

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