Shop @ RM

Yes, after waiting for a while , the parcel from reached me yesterday morning. Horrayyyy. :P

Still remember?? the Shop@RM that they offerred. yeaahhh.. Finally i got them already.

Want to take a look at what i got??? no.. no.. i will reveal soon :P Cool.. I bagi sipi2 jer ok.. hahaha

After I open the parcel, I saw the clothes. The RM**. Overall the clothes is nice & beautiful. Still looking great. Pandai Kak Red jaga.

Balik umah & try lah kan. Errmm, the clothes really suits me. Can wear with pants or skirt. Want to take a look at those clothes? hehe… wait… ok… i will wear it. But when, i still don't know. Dun worry people, i will post up ok. Tungggguuuuuuuuu...

Anyway, thx alots to Kak Red & Sirman for the nice clothes. Walaupun lambat on9, finally i got it. Tak dpt yg lain.. Lyn dpt yg ni. Thx again.. :)

Still looking forward for the next batch.. *wink*wink*


adenium said...

untung lyn... sbb satu size ngan kak red...hehehe

Lyn Yusoff said...

haah.. betul tu..
sesuai gituw..:)

{ Miss Syahira } said...


ok sy tgu akak reveal baju tu yer..

♥Syamelia♥ said...

lucky u dpt beli...
the one that wanted da taken, a bit late...

Lyn Yusoff said...

wassalam syahira,
tunggu tau..
nnti k lyn reveal :)

tu pun 2nd choice..
sbb yg i nak tu dah taken.. huhuh