Tiba2 rasa nak mengamuk jer ngn contractor Telekom ni. As I have mentioned in my previous entry, Lyn adalah berjaya registered both line which is fixed line & streamyx. If im not mistaken, they already informed that contractor will be at my home only on monday or late by tuesday.

Surprisingly, they came to my house last Saturday. Wahh gigihkan, sabtu kul 5.30pm pun nak wat wiring sume. Rajin tul. Finally, settled with their work & wiring. Sempat lagi update Lyn, the telephone its only can used on Monday around 2pm. His promise. Yelah.. the services/line its only handle by Telekom's person not the contractor. I understood...

Yesterday, after 2pm i called my niece coz nak pastikan line telephone dah boleh guna ke belum. Dia kata tak boleh. Still with engaged tone. Hati hampir panas ni.. sbb every hour Lyn check, tapi same gak. Called lah contractor ni, tapi yg geramnyer tak berangkat. 3-4 kali Lyn called baru nak angkat. Bila Lyn informed everything, dia kata dah boleh guna sepatutnya. takpe2 saya check ngn Telekom. But he didn't get back to me. Panas dah ni.. Then Lyn called lagi.. die kata nak dtg selasa pagi klu still tak boleh. I dun care, by hook or by crook u mesti dtg. Lyn warning dia. Geram dah nih!!

Today, I still gave him time to settled it. But have waited for the whole day, the TM Contractor didn’t show up! WTF!!! Lyn terpaksa called my niece to find out.

I tried to call the TM using the phone number provided, 100, but they refused to answer my call. Suara dorang tersekat2 bagai. Malas nak mengharapkan contractor yg bodoh tak reti wat keja tuh. Finally i got 1 no. & trus je call. Alhamdulillah, CS promised to help me. She managed to call the contractor & informed me that kind of things. Dia kata contractor tu nak dtg around 4pm. Ok cool..

Fyi, till 5pm TM contactor didn't show up. Mane lah Lyn tak naik hangin. This time Lyn tak bagi chance lagi, terus je call. Nasib die angkat. Mulalah Lyn mekak2 kt dia. Pandai plak suh aku sabar. Padahal ko dah menyusahkan idup aku. Dah aku byr, tapi buat keja cam harrrsssss. But die janji nak dtg ptg ni. Lyn nak tgk dia dtg ke tak. If not mmg nak kena maki lagi. Buat ape jadi contractor tapi tak leh wat keje. Makan gaji butaaaaaaaaaaaaa ke apeeeeee...Eeerrggghhh....

Can u imagine beb, their wasting my time. Klu tak leh buat jgn janji. Ni dah janji tpi takleh buat. Manelah Lyn tak geram. At the same time, my streamyx can installed on wed. Tapi klu line telephone takde, camne nak installed streamyx beb... aduhaiiiiii. Lemah tul aku.. :((

To people out there, this entry is not supposed to be a condemning other people, but this entry is more about to share with others and with hope, this incident won’t be repeated again. That's all


{ Miss Syahira } said...


phew.. mmg menguji kesabaran ni.

Lyn Yusoff said...

mmg sgt2 menguji kesabaran..
naik geram dibuatnyer.. errrgghh