Finally, arrived!!!!

Hi Lovers,

Good morning everyone!!!

Actually, I’m looking one dress or nice tops to be wear it next week. I’m so excited to buy a new one. Unfortunately, I was so busy. I don’t have time to shopping or watsoever.

Finally, I just blog walking to Diva Darling, kot2 ada yang berkenan ker kan. So many times gak usha2 kat blog ni. At last Lyn terpikat dah dengan 2 or 3 pcs. Memang cantik & vassssssssssssss..:DP1030481....Managed to get the confirmation with the owner 1st. Luckily, both are available. Best2. So tak payahlah Lyn buang masa nak shopping bagai kan.

I paid last Thursday morning, the seller send out my item immediately on same day, and I got my parcel on Friday!!!! That’s like super duper fast right?

Thx so much Diva Darling. Btw, I like both designs. Dua2 pun cantik & ngam2 saje Lyn pakai. Can’t wait to wear it next week :D


Cath J said...

badan slimmm mcm adik ni ... senang je cari baju... kena the diva plus size... habissss... hancur... hahahahha... (Mcm akak ni.. ;-p)

Lyn Yusoff said...

Cath J,
Sbb tu lyn berani beli thru online shopping, sbb confirm boleh pakai.. hehehe