Behind The Scene

Slept almost 2am and woke up the next day at 7am. Rushing to Puncak Alam, sent my mum & kakak before my cousin's akad nikah after Zohor at Puncak Alam. Itu pun mintak izin ngn my mum & auntie nak pegi Tropicana jap & promised came back again at 1.30pm. Mlm plak, Lyn terpaksa skipped majlis berinai. huuhuu. Nikah & reception je aku ada. Sory erk Wana... huhuhu

I went to Tropicana Golf & Country club for help them out. If tak pegi nnti, orang kata ape plak kan. hehehe.

So I just help them out with some last minute preparation although in the end I didn't help much. It was damn fun chit chat chit chat with rest of them. Hehehehe. Lagipun, the sitting arrangement almost done. Just tgk2 ape yg perlu je.

The preparation was quick one. Rushing to get myself ready and back again to Puncak Alam for Wana's akad nikah. Tu pun dah hampir nak nikah baru Lyn smpai. huhuhu. Lepas dia nikah, trus Lyn cabut.

As for me, the 1st thing I did was head straight home and take a long nap!! I need my rest. I feel sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. But I can't. Wat to do. Ada event lain yg menunggu.

After my short nap, do my make-up & hairdo with my cousin. Dia ni pun reti make-up & hairdo ni. So mintak dia tolong skit2 jer. Malas nak pegi saloon bagai. Tak sempat. hehhee.

Change into my black dress and off to the birthday party!!



lily lotus said... betul u..sempat lagi nap..hehe

Lyn Yusoff said...

short nap jer..
tak smpat sgt.. tpi wat2 sempat.. hahaha