Less Than 12 Hours!! :)

Hi Lovers,

OMG!!! I still can't believe this....

2009 will be end...

Goodbye 2009!!!!

Hope it can be better next year 2010. InsyaAllah :D

Meanwhile, nothing special for New Year eve. ZZzzzzzzzzz :) <--- sounds great rite??

Till then, Let's welcome 2010!!!!


[Pic, credited to google images]


KINGBUCK$ said...

2009.temukan kte lyn.thanks

Amiha Ayu said...

may 2010 brings u more n more happiness and the very best dear..

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AzilaPalal said...

tiba-tiba sy rasa syahdu..huhu
tonite sy pun tak celebrate..
duduk d rumah siapkan final yer project..
heheh..sounds great rite?? (copy ayat kak lyn di situ)

Lyn Yusoff said...

hi hazri..
yeah... 2009 kita kenal di dunia blogging.. thx yea..
happy new year..:)

Lyn Yusoff said...

same goes to u dear..
more happiness & may Allah bless u & ur family..

Lyn Yusoff said...

Hi Cinta,
duk umah tgk tv or tdo lagi bagus kan..
happy new year dear :)