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My clothes from arrived tuesday morning. I really like it. Horayyyyyyy :P

When I saw the parcel I was so happy. One of my colleague laugh at me and said, shopping kat lagi ker?? smile. Camne tau?? Agak je lah. betul lah tuh!!

Hah!! she was right. I really happy when look at the parcel coz I'm waiting for that.

When I opened the parcel. Pakaian tu masih cantik & baru lagi :)

Meh kita tgk sipi2 jer erk. Bila tgk cam tak muat je nak pakai. Once arrived at home, Lyn try lah, nasib baik muat. Baju yg dulu pun Lyn tak pakai lagi. Nanti2 lah Lyn pakai. hehehe

I will wear it. But when, I still don't know. Dun worry people, nnti Lyn post ok. Tungggguuuuuuuuu...

Thx again to Kak Red & Sirman

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