I'm Craving....

Well, I'm always craving sweet food. I don't know why?? *sigh*. Last time punya teringin pun tak dpt lagi. heheh. But now im craving sweet food. Im not diet person. Orang kata makan chocolate leh gemuk. But im not... *wink wink*. Myself still maintain with 45kg to 47kg.

What i'm craving??

Chocolate Pavlova
My friend recommended one place in Bangsar Village, Delicious Restaurant.
Pavlova nyer sgt delicious. Nak pegi!!!


Hot choc with marshmallows

Ice blended

Cuppies @ Cupcakes Chic

Close ur eyes and put it in ur mouth. Rasakan keenakkan.. pasti sedap terkata...

A simple sweet life... :D


[pics, credited to google image]

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