Charles & Keith End of Season Sale!

I was there to grab any shoes from C & K. Finally!!!

Its end of season sale yea!!! I must grab it! Fyi, Charles & Keith just kicked off their end of season sale since last week, i guess. Discount up to 30% - 50%. Apparently, i dun have time to shopping or watsoever. Holiday lah.. huhuhuh

When i was arrived in KL, list sume tmpat yg nak pgi. yelah, sale here & there. Giler tak pegi kan. hehehe. C & K plak, 4th dec last day. Nak tak nak, i kena pegi. MUST!!

Went to C & K with my lovely colleague. I managed to fetch her at Shah Alam & straightly headed to MV. The rest still having their rest. I have to settle it early. Nak tunggu lelain lambat lah. Takut bz plak early next week & takde masa. Lagipun, i need to buy some stuff that really2 important to me.

When i was arrived, I was like, OMG!!!!!! Start dah rambang mata. 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% for any selected shoes. Giler meroyan yea... hahahahah. pap pap pap.. I dah berkenan dgn satu kasut sini. Cantik & uptodate.

Fyi, i really want this wedges so badlyyyy!!! but not worth, for simple wedge u need to spent almost RM109.00. No discount plak. It's new arrival. Too expensive. But its so comfortable. Bukan rezeki i lah tu.. huhuhuhu. But i kept going back to this pretty wedge.

A few wedges, sandals & heels, discount up to 50%. But i really love C & K footwear, not so much expensive, but practical & affordable too. I love it!!!

Selections of handbag up to 50%. Cantik. Tapi Lyn tak beli pun. No budget. Hehehe. Fyi, I already bought a new handbag last week. So lupakan je lah yea...

Finally, bought myself a pair of shoes. Mmg i berkenan sgt2. It come in 3 colors, black, maroon & dark blue. Which one my fav?? will reveal later ok. But not now.. hehehe *sigh*wink wink*...


Madam Casper said...

Year End Sales merata-rata..adoii cuma RM ciput jer yg membantut napsu nak berberlanja..
Neway wedges tu memang cantik la Lyn...

Lyn Yusoff said...

betul tu kak.. lyn pun shopping ikut budget gak.. bkn ade byk ongkos pun.. hehehehe
mmg cantik kan kak.. nnti lyn nak rembat gak.. tpi nak tunggu murah skit.. hehehe