Hi LoVers,

CNY just around the corner. Well, today is my last day of work. Pretty good hah!!! I must say. Hehehe. Our company shutdown for CNY from 18th till 23rd Feb. But why I said today is my last work..


I will be away starting tomorrow until 22nd Feb for holiday la.. Hahaha.

Leaving KL for short gateway and back to KL on 18th February. *This is our private holiday since that person warn me not to post any photos in my media social. So sad :( . So jgn tanya kemana Lyn pergi. No point pun*

On 19th, I’m leaving KL back & holiday with my nieces. Yg ni takpe, will post & story in my blog later. Hehehe.

And I might not be able to online during this period of time. But don’t worry, Lyn dah siap2 kan a few entry. Tu semua auto-published. Please expect delay in my response & blogwalking too. Klu ada masa & internet ok, I will visit your blog yeah.

Last but not least, have great weekend & happy holiday. Take care yeah!!!!

[Pic, credited to Google image]


Mummydearie said...

Padanlah takda cerita holidaynya. Private and personal and memorable rupanya. Okeylah, tunggu entri holiday dengan kaum keluarga ajelah ya *_*

Lyn Yusoff said...

tu lah kak.. org yg sponsor dah kta gitu, kita ikut jer lah..

ok2.. yg tu nnti lyn update later :)