The Worst Cough Ever

Hi LoVers,

I’ve been cough.. cough.. cough and sore throat since Saturday. I went to the doctor and then it wasn't bad so she did nothing. Just bagi ubat batuk jer.

Serious mmg susah nak tidur. Huhuhu. I was sleeping on and off, waking myself up coughing all night. Last night, bangun around 2am because I had been coughing hard, in my sleep. I go to the kitchen, get a drink of water & makan ubat batuk again. Go to bed. But I’m still coughing. Huhuhu

P1120148 And now.. I’m lazy to speak.

Setiap kali bercakap mesti terbatuk2. That’s why I tried to avoid. Selamat. Sbb taknak org lain jugak tak selesa bercakap dgn kita.

I couldn't stand the coughing anymore. Tak larat sgt. Tidur pun tak lena. Hopefully recover soon. Amin

Owh please!!!


Dee said...

musim panas ni mmg senang dpt batuk..take care tau..hope u recover soon..

Lyn Yusoff said...

thanks kak :)