The Best RedBunny

Im sure that everyone dah tahu, sbb dah banyak posting yg dah dibuat. Im really sorry for the late post. Have been busy this a few days. Ni pun mencurik2 time nak update gak. heheheh.

Playboy is launching their brand new line of men’s fragrances at Mid Valley. Walaupun special for men out there, the main point to catch the designers bag, PRADA or BURBERRY. walaweeiiiii.. best dowhhhh :)

I headed to MV for skin specialist by Clinique. Lyn telah diroger oleh Kak Red beberapa hari lepas to be at MV on Sat. Disbbkan im going to skin specialist, terus jelah support Kak Red. Im free lorr... y not..

Managed to see Amy at Clinique promo, i bumped into Yaty also at Clinique. Fyi, i kenal Yaty since she is one of the Dafinites of DFC. Tak sangka terjumpa die. Alang2, kitorang gerak skali. Finally i saw Ayu, Fana with Mr. N, Rose with her lovely daughter, Amira & the gang.

Gerek sih Kak Red, complete with the costume. U're totally like a bunny.. hehehe. The young lady, wife, hot mama & the popular female Malay blogger.

Cantik kan costume itew...kitorang ni sempat duk belek baju kak red, siap dengan accesories sponsored by Gegirl, mmg meletops akak kita yg sorang ni. pot pet pot pet.. bla.. bla.. duk citer mcm2 time ni. Event lak lambat.. huhuhu

Fyi, there will only be 30 bunny ears to be provided to the first 30 hotties that register as a bunny at the Playboy road show. But only 13 bunny participate to this contest. Harapan Kak Red nak menang sgt cerah ok. Siap bwk penyokong lagi.. giler tak menang.. hahhaa. orang lain adooooo.. tak adoooo... hehehe

Tapi bukan senang nak senang yea.. semua bunny kena catwalk. Tapi catwalk Kak Red yg paling kelasssss!! Siap goyang2 gitu. gud job sis.

Finished with catwalk thingy, all the bunnies dpt papers untuk vote mereka. Kak Red with number 2. Kitorang ape lagi vote lah for her.

Tak dpt dinafikan PR Kak Red mmg bagus, selamba jer die walk around & ask for votes. Selamba kan. Kitorang pun selamba jelah mintak votes gak. Malu belakang citer beb..

During announcement, kitorang sgt berdebar2 erkk.. tapi klu Kak Red tak menang mau aku jerit kuat2.

Finally, with 85 votes Redmummy from as a winner. Alhamdulillah, she's won & the Prada adalah milik mutlaknya.. hahhaa

Kami semua adalah terkejut, coz on the 1st place she want the Burberry. Nape Kak Red amik Prada?? sbb reversible. Good choice.. :)

Lyn sgt2 puas hati. Finally she with reversible Prada bag that she won. Lyn dpt pegang2 pun jadiklah. berkat2...

We got deodorant body spray from Abg Nara yang handsome. Giler susah nak amik pic ngn die ni. Jap nak.. jap tak nak.. sedeyyyyy

Everyone running out of energy. Lyn & Amy dah penat sgt. Around 6pm kitorang chow. Tak larat dah.

Thx to Amy with nice shawl. ColourfuI. I like very much. The deodorant from Abg Wan @ beautifulnara. Of coz Lyn akan bagi pd abg Lyn & the VS body lotion from Kak Red. Smell good yea.. :)

Thx everyone. I had fun with u guyz.. :))


♥Syamelia♥ said...

it's my pleasure...
glad u like it...
hope the colour is ok with u, coz ada ciri2 blue...
so i got that 4 u...

thanx 4 taking me along yea...

Lyn Yusoff said...

sgt cantik...
my sis sgt2 berkenan..but its mine..hahahaha
knowing me lah kan yg suka blue..:)

lily lotus said...

bestnya u dpt pergi..supporter kuat u ni..hehe

Lyn Yusoff said...

mesti lah lily..
lagipun Lyn free last sat..
so pgi lah support kawan2..