Khaira's 1st Birthday Celebration & Open House

Hi lovers....

Happy weekend everyone!!! this week i love to share with u some family moments.

Just want to share what i did yesterday afternoon. We headed to Kak Lang's house to celebrate her granddaughter's 1st birthday celebration. Khaira's actual birthday is 21st August 2009 but since is fasting month, my niece decided to celebrate on 3rd Oct together with her family open house.

The little one's name is Nur Khaira Marissa, my lovely granddaughter.

Helping Kak Lang kt dapur

The event started at 2.30pm with the Doa selamat & where most of the attendees were ahli masjid & followed by birthday celebration & open house.

"Excuse me. Look at me plzzz!!! yeayyyy!! lit up the candle for me. Then, they all sang Happy Birthday song. Well obviously i wasn't paying attention to them as I was more interested in the candle & cake.

"Hi everyone, cake cutting time. I wanted to cut on my own... but then, u know what happened as you can see in the photo above, my parents tolong cut kan for me... wat to do..haiiihhhhh"

My little princess, my niece, Puteri, granddaughter Nurul & nephew..

Pink & green as a theme...

Birthday girl with her lovely parents

Our 3 little princess with Puan Sri & Kak Teh

My siblings, SIL, nieces & granddaughters. Still tak cukup quorum tuh.

Myself with birthday girl yang susah sgt nak pandang camera.

We were able to extend the open house until 7.30pm. Sebab ramai lagi org datang. Everyone running out of energy. Huhuhu..

2 weddings that we discussed nak pg last nite had to postponed on sunday afternoon.

Kenduri Arwah Linda ke 100 hari on sunday after Asar...

OMG!!!! weekend yg sgt2 busy...

I need a gud rest..plzzzzzzzzzzz...


lily lotus said...

happy birthday lil girl! betul lynn ekk..takpe selagi bujang ni kan..hehe

Lyn Yusoff said...

betul tu lily..
selagi bujang ni kan...
dah kawin nnti melayan hubby anak2 plak.hehehehe

aidil said...

u lyan ank i lyan my 2nd wife..
ok kn drling?