The Largest Bloggers’ Gathering with Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair – Part 2

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Good morning everyone!!!

Let’s recall back to the Gatsby Deodorant Fair proudly sponsored by Gatsby & Nuffnang.P1030045The Largest Bloggers’ Gathering with Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair was held last Saturday at Times Square starting from 10.00am, as you all already know.P1030037Arrived around 10.00am sharp with Adam Arjuna & queued for close to an hour for registration. Giler ramai orang. Panas to the max plak. Mmg berpeluh2 time tuh. Sabar jerlah kan. Time tu lah nak cari alphabet URL blog masing2. P1030049During my registration. My blog URL starting from T rite?? Tapi masa beratur tu bukan tau pun. Sbb dah ramai sgt org. Bila dah sampai depan baru lah perasan. Nasib baik Lyn line-up betul. Klu tak payah gak. We also entitled for lucky draw.P1030193So here is what they gave in the RED goody bag which is Red Gatsby Deodorant t-shirt, fan and Gatsby wax brochure. T-shirt tu kena pakai. Changing room pun disediakan, so tak payahlah nak carik toilet bagai kan.

P1030199 I'm no. 190 in The Largest Bloggers’ Gathering!!!!

P1030052The crowd. Full with RED color. Merah dimana2 saje. Hehehe. Masa ni tgh sibuk berkumpul for photograph session. P1030056Photo session for The Malaysia Book of Records. Dari kawasan tgh tu kami kena pergi ke arah mountain kat hujung tuh. For sure tak cukup frame kan. Lyn kat bahagian tengah2 tu jer. Kan depan dah penuh..

P1030085Opening ceremony by the strong people from Nuffnang, Gatsby & MBR

P1030078Fyi, maybe some of you did not know one fact about this gathering. Let me tell you…. It is actually recorded as the first ever Largest Bloggers’ Gathering in The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) with over 500 bloggers participating in it. Amazing rite?? and……… I was one of them :DD

P1030072Myself with Adam Arjuna.

See you in the next entry.


Dee said...

meriahnya sis..citer lg eh..

Lyn Yusoff said...

sgt meriah dee..
rugi sape yg tak dtg..
next entry yea....

zac zirwan said...

waiting for part 3..hehe

Adam Arjuna said...

mcm terperasan encik zac zirwan kat event tuh...

ada ke???

k.lyn.. ym all my pics..


Lyn Yusoff said...

next yea..

Perasan ke adam??
klu tak boleh tegur kan.. hehehe

mlm kak lyn ym..
siang ni enggak bawak sih pics nyer..

Hernee Nazir said...


Lyn Yusoff said...

sgt besttttttttttttttt!!!

AYW said...

mmg sgt meriah n best.. but d next morning when i woke up..ayooo bdn lenguh2..penat bekerja tu baru trasa..neway thanks for ur support towards Nuffnang