My New Attempt

Hi LoVers,

I LoVe make-up so much!!

Girls!! do you love make-up?? Yes of coz rite!!

This is my first time using NYX cosmetics and I love the look. My first NYX products were their matte lipstick, round lipstick & powder blusher. Yg lain2 coming soon. I absolutely love their lip products,  and they have a huge selection of colors to choose from. Mmg rambang mata duk pikir nak beli color apa. Semua cantik sgt2.

Act, my lip sgt sensitive. I only using MAC, Stage, Bobby Brown & Clinique. Sbb semua brand ni tak mengeringkan bibir. So since, NYX ni still new, I consider to buy 2 color of lipsticks first.

IMG_1281 This is my first color lipstick. I’m wearing round lipstick in Hebe. The color and texture really suits on me. Cantik sgt.

IMG_1282 My second lipstick, matte lipstick in Pure Red. It’s totally red. If you’re newbie to ‘red lips’ this is great one. I love this lipstick, very pigmented and long-lasting and not too drying on the lips at all.  Dari jam 1pm till 10pm pun still ada lagi even dah makan byk kali. Tak touch-up pun tau.

I’m also wearing powder blush in Pinched. Pun cantik jugak.

I am in love with all the NYX products I've tried so far!! I have a few MAC, Stage & other brands in my collections. After this, I decided to purchase more lipstick  from NYX. Plus it’s really suits on me. Tak kering kan bibir pun. Lepas ni wajib order lagi. hehehe

If you guyz interested, do check-out their IG @whitelily . The price is reasonable. Grab the new batch of NYX before 2nd Jan 2014. Owh yer, don’t forget to follow my IG as well @lynyusoff Hehehe.


Rasp said...

i loooooveee makeup sis..
TAPI i tak makeup...
sbb rasa cam xsesuai lah i makeup..
muka nampak cam opera cina gitu...
salute to those cam u yg leh carry the red lipstick...

Isteri kepada Suami said...


Ohhh yelah terutama yg jenis matte ni, susah nak cari yang x keringkan bibir kan...hehe thx for sharing kak :)


Lyn Yusoff said...

Alaaa make-up lah sis, nak tgk jugak. hehehe
merah lah best.. cantik & menawan. mmg gojes klu pakai.. suka

Lyn Yusoff said...

betul sofia.. selected lipstick jer yg ok.. finally i've found it..
awak pun boleh try..

msredcheesecake said...

Sekarang ni sy mekap kurang sikit la....

Lyn Yusoff said...

hehehe.. sesekali kena make-up jugak tuh..

Mummydearie said...

Siapa tak suka cosmetic products. I love, love, love so much gila!

Tapikan Lyn sejak berperang, bersilat dengan anak-anak setiap pagi, jarang dah make up sakan. Setakat calit lipstik, tempek bedak and mascara aje. Tapi tetap juga menjadi pujaan hatiku make-up ni. Brand ni tak pernah cuba. Dah lama juga tak pakai red lipstick. Dulu-dulu suka betul pakai dark chocolate, macam hantu omputih dah gamaknya :)

Lyn Yusoff said...

perempuan kan mahu tak love make-up.

masa bujang2 ni rajin nak tepek segala, klu dah ada anak nnti harap2 rajin jugak lah hhehe..
dlu trend dark choc..
skrg ni dah trend merah2.. cun