March 2010

Hi Lovers,

Good morning everyone!!!


New month....
New life...
Everything is new...
Hope everything running smoothly till the end..
InsyaAllah :D


3rd March – Sayang’s Birthday

15th March – Fazs’s Birthday (My close friend)

17th March – Lina’s Birthday (DFC)

22nd March – Adam’s Birthday & DFC’s Anniversary

30th March – MY BIRTHDAY & Kakak’s Birthday (My niece)



Special about March

* Attractive personality
* Affectionate
* Shy and reserved
* Secretive
* Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic
* Loves peace and serenity
* Sensitive to others
* Loves to serve others
* Not easily angered
* Trustworthy
* Appreciative and returns kindness
* Observant and assess others
* Revengeful
* Loves to dream and fantasize
* Loves traveling
* Loves attention
* Hasty decisions in choosing partners
* Loves home decors
* Musically talented
* Loves special things
* Moody


Anonymous said...

dia igt lagi yer bday kita..
thanks. ;)

- Lina RD

ila-ali said...

happy birthday in advanced!

Lyn Yusoff said...

ingat..tpi tak tau lah u ingt birthday i ke tak?? huuhu

thx so much...:D

Anonymous said...

ingat laa.. birthday kita kan same2 march..

Lina RD

Anonymous said...

semakin ingat bila kak lyn post kat blog lerr.. hehee

- Lina RD