Addicted To It.. :)

Lately, I’m addicted to chocolate coolblog. Yummmyyy!!!

IMG01994-20111015-1925This is at Enconsave nearby my house. Before this I tried the another flavor such as oreo coolblog, ABC coolblog at Subang Parade but not the delicious. Till now, I prefer chocolate.

The best part, more extra bubbles. Pretty cool huh!!!!

IMG01993-20111015-1908 There’s so much flavor that you can choose.

The kind of dessert that makes me smile all day long. hehehe.

Klu panas2, start kereta terus zassssssssss mencari chocolate coolblog. Senang.

Besides chocolate coolblog, I’m craving for red velvet too. Wanna go BSC yeayyyyy!!!!


syanasaid said...

mcm my sis suke nau chocolate cool blog
tp dia xsuke bubble2 tu

aku suke air stoberi letak bubble

atty's said...

kty pun selalu layan coolblog..perisa plum & sour tp tak suka ltk pearl..

Dee said...

x penah lagi cuba..hehehe..


cool blog ni si Lisa suka ar..along kureng sikit bab sejuk2 ni..

Lyn Yusoff said...

choc coolblog sgt sedapppp..
strawberry pernah try rasa..
tapi tak sedappp

Lyn Yusoff said...

plum & sour sedap erk..
nak kena try ni..

Lyn Yusoff said...

kena try kak..
nnti addicted mcm Lyn.

Lyn Yusoff said...

sejuk lah heaven..
tapi tak leh selalu sgt..
nnti batuk2..