Please Help Me On This!!!

I sneezed a lot yesterday. In between work, before, after and during breaks. It’s pretty annoying to be sneezing non-stop while having a conversation with my friends & on the phone too.sneezeReally sorry about that.

I’m not feeling well before this. Having fever, flu and all that. Ingatkan dah baik, tapi suddenly mmg bersin non-stop punya. For sure I’m not comfortable. Dgn bersin & meleleh2 gitu. Sampai kepala pun naik pening. Rasa nak pecah dibuatnya. In fact, hidung pun dah jadi merah.

I went to clinic twice already. Sampai kan ubat pun dah habis. And now dah malas nak pergi.

So my dear friends, if korang ada petua untuk hilangkan bersin & flu ni, please help me on this.

Really appreciate it.

Sayang korang banyak2…

Thx so much :)

[Pic, credited to Google image]

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