Thx Alots… From Bottom of My Heart :)

Hi Lovers,

2 days back a lots of people wished me Happy Birthday :D

Thank you all those who had wished me Happy Birthday. Thanks for all the wonderful happy birthday messages. Thanks for wishing me through Facebook, twitter, BBM, YM, FTF, phone calls, video calls, sms, mms and etc.

Thank you in advance for all those who are going to wish me happy birthday. Really appreciate it.ThxMy birthday is kinda not a big deal. I just celebrate yg simple2 jer. Itupun kalau ada. If not, I’m ok with that. Takda hal lar… dah besar2 gabak ni tak celebrate pun ok.

Last but not least, thank you to my beloved family that sang me a birthday song. Awal gak dorang wishes.Pan dorang cam nak baling telur & tepung, nasib baik takde. Kalau tak, masak I uolllsssss. Bermandikan telur & tepung lah gamaknya nnti. Hahahaha.

Birthday party?? Ermmm nnti2 lah Lyn pikirkan. Klu ada rezeki, InsyaAllah ada nnti. Hehehe

Thx for the meaningful & blessing wishes. Syukur sgt2 :)

Again... Thx from the bottom of my heart :DD


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Amiera Hilton said...

happy befday! have a blast year ahead :)

Lyn Yusoff said...

thx so much dear..